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Games Development

Games Development

Over the years, using our in-house developed solutions or well known middleware (Unity 5 etc.) we have developed and are still developing many games for various platforms.

Website Development

Website Development

Using the latest in CMS technology, we design and create custom websites to suit every clients' needs.



Having collaborations with Locsmiths, Utrax, Sony and many more, over the years we are helping bring content in many different languages.

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Tenebra Studios was founded in 2006 by Thanos Georgoulis and Konstantina Bethani in Athens. Since then, it has established a solid partnership with Sony Hellas, Sony Norway and Sony Portugal. Specifically, it has been involved in the translations / compilations of Uncharted 3 and 4, The Last of Us as well as God of War 3. It has also been working together for years with Huawei and Xiaomi, developing bespoke games for their appstores in China. At the same time, Tenebra Studios has developed educational games for Abbott Diabetes Care Hellas as well as for the New York College training group. Nowadays through many collaborations, years of experience and having assembled a great team, we are moving forward and creating our own projects, especially games for hardcore players. The first Greek VR Horror game‘Duchess of Plaisance’ and the Dungeon Crawler ‘Dungeons’n’Disco’ already enjoy great recognition and appreciation from the Greek public. In 2016 and 2017, they were presented at Digital Universe # 3, one of the biggest technology events in Greece which Tenebra Studios co-organized with an extraordinary success, at the Thessaloniki International Fair, GameAthlon 2.5 and Athens Mini Maker Faire 2017. In addition to the games they develop, Thanos Georgoulis and Konstantina Bethani are employed as Professors in the Games Development Department of the educational group New York College.
Our Team

Thanos Georgoulis
CEO/Lead Programmer-Producer
Konstantina Bethani
CMO/Creative Director - Producer
Ilias Petrogonas
3D Modeler
Manthos Kalyvianakis
3D Modeler - Sculptor - Animator
Irene Theochari
Art Director - Concept/Texture Artist
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Bill Bafkas
Programmer - Web Developer
John Vassiliadis
3D Renderers - Assistant Modeler
Constantinos Roinos
3D Modeler
Katerina Tsoukala
Stathis Kalamoukis
Junior Programmer - IT Manager
Nontas Ioannidis
Sound Designer
Harry Andreou
Music Composer
Stefanos Giannakis
Junior Programmer - Web Developer
Konstantinos Stathis
Junior 3D Modeler
Anna Maria Aurora Linkof
Junior Programmer
Min-Tam Le
Junior Programmer




Tenebra Studios actively collaborates with New York College educational group, where Thanos Georgoulis and Konstantina Bethani are employed as Professors at the Games Development Department.

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